SQ Series
Soosan Heavy Industries
SQ 130

The latest product to come out of the Soosan factory is the revolutionary new SQ Series breaker. This modern breaker is a culmination of more than 2 decades of planning and experience.

Its innovative design includes a superior oil and gas percussion mechanism combined with less working components, making it incredibly efficient and easy to maintain. The auto shut off function (anti-blank hammering) also gives the user total control and allows you to select between high frequency/normal power and low frequency/extra power, making it as effective as it is adaptable.

Product Features
  • Highest power to weight ratio
  • Narrow profile with a robust structure
  • Improved vibration dampening and sound suppression system
  • Fully enclosed housing and dust protector
  • Auto shut off and easy start function
  • Locking device for the tie nut bolt
  • Models available with operating weights from 1263kg up to 5850kg for carriers from 60 to 90 tonnes
Available Models
Operating weight1263166202013218525103033316939505850kg
Oil flow90-120100-150120-180150-210180-240200-260200-260210-290300-400l/min
Operating pressure150-170160–180160-180160-180160-180160-180160-180160-180160-180Kg/cm²
Impact rate600-850500-850500-700430-580430-580380-550300-500320-470300-400BPM
85dB(A) radius10-1816-2216-2221-3026-3535-4035-4038-4538-45m
Hose diameter252525253232323232mm
Rod diameter125135140150155165165175197mm
Applicable carrier weight15-1816-2118-2625-3028-3530-4536-5040-6050-90ton